Create specifications from your designs
Connect your designs to your Agile process

Speckle is a Software as a Service (SAAS) for creating and managing project specifications.

Designers upload image assets and use the Speckle interface to annotate images, kickstarting your project in JIRA.

Is this new web page an Epic? A Story? Don't worry about that anymore!

Upload a set of your designs, draw some boxes, and tell people what should happen and when it should happen.

Then sit back and smile -- smile, because you did something that nobody else ever does: you wrote a specification document that people will actually read, and you delivered what the client actually needs.

  • Design First

    Focus on your designs, upload, and annotate away!

  • Connect to JIRA

    Annotated design deliverables connect directly to the JIRA Agile process

  • Communication Transparency

    Design teams and developers reference features and assets by issue numbers, not arbitrary and inconsistent names